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Road Tanker Management

Suttons has extensive experience in managing customer owned fleets. Across the bulk fuels, chemicals, foods and gases sectors, Suttons is seen as the benchmark for high quality, reliable and safe supply chain management.

We provide complete logistics solutions which range from handling the initial order through to delivery.  Our solutions are bespoke to our individual customer needs and include:

  • Supply chain modelling
  • Equipment design and build
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • Full load, part load, multi-compartment and metered deliveries
  • Driver controlled loading and delivery
  • Fleet management
  • Emergency response
  • Satellite tracking to monitor assets and consignment progress.  On line visibility is available to customers and live links feed in to customer ERP systems
  • Planning and despatch
  • Driver training including operating procedures, defensive driving and driver CPC
  • Maintenance services for tractors, bulk tankers, skeletal trailers, ISO tanks and cylinders
  • Warehousing
  • Break-bulk service using our in-house drumming facility


Suttons has a highly skilled scheduling team capable of meeting all of your supply chain requirements. The scheduling teams can be based at Suttons own sites or customer premises. Our strength lies in the depth of experience our people have in scheduling and planning, together with highly sophisticated tracking, monitoring and route planning software. Suttons IT systems can also be integrated with our customers own systems for complete supply chain visibility.

Stock Management

Stock management maintains the health of the supply chain and has a direct impact on our customers’ bottom line. Suttons provides stock management for many customers where we are responsible for maintaining optimum stock to avoid over or under stock levels.

Stock is always dynamic so stock management requires constant and careful evaluation of external and internal factors and control through planning and review. Suttons inventory planners will continuously monitor, control and review stock levels and external factors to ensure optimum stock levels at all times.

Suttons Vendor Managed Inventory Management approach facilitates enhanced stock control, improved fleet utilisation and working capital management.


Four times winner of the prestigious Motor Transport Safety in Operation award, Suttons is absolutely committed to ensuring that our safety standards remain the highest in the industry. We believe that without a real commitment to safety, we cannot be successful in our business.

Our approach to sustainability leads us to assess both our environmental and social footprint while continuing to provide the safest and most efficient service to our customers. Suttons continually aims to minimise the environmental impact of our operations whilst also working with our clients to support their sustainability initiatives.

All our UK depots are accredited to SQAS standards and we hold OHSAS 18001:2008.

Managing Change

We recognise that changing logistics provider can be a daunting prospect and that's why Suttons has developed a proven management of change process to provide clarity, accountability and confidence throughout the change process.  Each situation is different and Suttons’ approach is to apply a core “management of change” framework to the unique requirements of each customer.


Our road tankers and trailers are maintained in partnership with third party independent workshops, plus our own internal workshops where we retain critical specialist capability. Maintenance planning, tank testing, MOT/ADR and all aspects of compliance work carried out by third parties are managed through our Central Maintenance Control function based at our head office.

This centralised management has resulted in strong partnerships with our third party suppliers built up over a number of years creating improvements in our compliance and many other areas such as quality of repairs, lower downtime, reduced cost and a first time MOT pass rate of over 97% for external workshops and over 98% in house.

Whilst we are proud of these achievements we are never complacent and strive to build on past achievements.

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