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Our Road Tanker Fleet

Suttons has a fleet of more than 300 tractor units and over 470 road tankers and trailers in operation. The fleet works from all of Suttons 38 operating locations across the UK and comprises a number of different specifications configured to suit the demands of the various sectors in which we operate.

Our tanker fleet is made up of gas, petroleum, bulk food tanks, general purpose chemical tanks and skeletal trailers. As with our tractor units, our tanker fleet comprises many different specifications so that we can offer customers flexible transport solutions. Specifications include variations in tank linings, heating systems, compartment configuration, manlid design and discharge methods to suit the products we transport.

Our tractors are all equipped with modern telematic systems used to provide key safety and service data and help us manage our carbon footprint by improving fuel efficiency.

Suttons reputation for safe operation is second to none and in keeping with our company values our equipment has the very latest features to protect our drivers, our customers and the general public. Our trucks, trailers and tankers are fitted with electronic braking systems (EBS), stability control and roll prevention systems. To ensure safety while loading and unloading, tankers are fitted with ground operated load and unload valves which eliminate the need for our drivers to go on top of the vehicle.

To safeguard whilst unloading hazardous materials, our fleet also includes a number of dry lines such as TODO and Avery Hardoll connectors to remove the risk of product spillage or contamination.

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