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Bulk Chemicals

Suttons has provided chemical road transport services for more than 60 years. We have the qualified personnel and equipment to transport both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.

We provide a wide range of logistics services to blue chip chemicals manufacturers.  These services include distribution, VMI and fleet management for a diverse range of services across the spectrum of hazard classifications.

Whilst we operate an extensive fleet of flexible ‘multi-product’ equipment, we also retain specialist assets, knowledge and skills to handle high consequence cargos such as liquid chlorine, anhydrous ammonia and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.

Our nationally based multi-product general purpose tanker fleet is specified to be flexible, allowing us to respond quickly and cost effectively to our customer’s requirements, which include corrosives, toxics, flammables, and environmentally hazardous products.  Our baffled tanker fleet can handle a wide range of product densities requiring pump, compressor or gravity discharge.

The Suttons brand is well associated with chemicals logistics and for good reason; we operate with safety and integrity and provide innovative and cost effective solutions to most of the country’s major manufacturers. These qualities set us apart and are the reason Suttons is seen as an industry leader in this sector.

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