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Tank Container Fleet

The majority of Suttons tank containers are manufactured from stainless steel making the tank container suitable for the carriage of food grade products, non-hazardous chemicals and a large majority of hazardous products. Our fleet of tank containers include lined, heated, cooled and baffled containers ranging in capacity from 16,000ltr to 35,000ltr.

Baffle Tanks

We own and operates one of the largest baffle tanks fleets in the world. We have over 1,500 baffle tanks ranging in capacity from 20,000ltr to 35,000ltr.

Within our baffle tank fleet we have containers fitted with steam heating, warm water heating, thermostatically controlled electrical heating systems and also cooling systems. The tanks are designed for high specific gravity products to be transported below the 80% minimal filling level as the baffles provide stability during transit.

Lined Tanks

Suttons lined tank containers are designed for the transport of both high purity and highly corrosive products.

Our lined tank containers offer additional safety features such as product level detection devices and overfill protection systems. GPS tracking is also offered for real time tracking of tank containers while in transit.

The tanks are available with a variety of linings including PTFE, phenolic resin, rubber together with various valve configurations to suit specific loading and discharge requirements.

Heated Tank Containers

Suttons heated tank containers are fitted with either electrical or steam heating systems. We have developed in-house electrical heating systems designed for the safe carriage of heat sensitive products whilst maintaining product quality. Some of the products we transport are extremely sensitive to the smallest temperature fluctuations therefore our heating systems are regularly checked and tested to ensure absolute product integrity.

Refrigerated Tank Containers

Our fleet of refrigerated tanks feature cooling systems to ensure product stability of temperature sensitive loads. Tanks are fitted with temperature data loggers and track and trace equipment to ensure the product is monitored at all times.

Gas Tanks

Our gas tank container fleet includes zinc lined tanks designed for the transportation of non-refrigerant gases and stainless steel tank containers for pharmaceutical grade propellants.

In addition to our own fleet of gas tank containers, Suttons has operated a fleet management service for a global gas manufacturer for more than 15 years. This delivers a supply chain solution that includes the management, maintenance, refurbishment, testing and operation of nearly 1,000 specialist gas tanks.

Bespoke Tank Containers

We can design and build tanks to suit customers' specific needs. This includes specialist heating systems, discharge equipment, cooling systems, tank linings and product monitoring hardware and software. Our global team of engineers and product specialists work closely with our customers to produce a carefully tailored solution to ensure product integrity, safety and security.

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