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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

As a leading global logistics provider with significant business partnerships, Suttons is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business integrity. Our Company values guide our relationships with clients, employees and the communities and environment in which we operate.

Our approach to sustainability addresses both our environmental and social impacts supporting our objective of being an employer of choice, while meeting client demands for socially responsible partners. These policies have been the foundation of the way we have done business in the past and will continue to be so in the future.


Suttons aims to minimise the environmental impact of our operations whilst also working with our clients to support their sustainability initiatives. The Company seeks to reduce environmental impact through investment in equipment, improved utilisation, use of alternative transport modes, training and recycling. Examples of the environmental impacts we are addressing include:

  • Investment in low emission vehicles; in the last two years Suttons has invested over £30 million in upgrading equipment for the UK and overseas markets leading to better fuel efficiency. In addition, more effective route scheduling, driver training and monitoring using telematics has led to significant mileage savings.
  • Recycling; Suttons aims to minimise waste in all its activities. Our tank cleaning stations have innovative rainwater capture devices for clean water supply and all our effluent water is treated on site using chemical and particle filtration systems.
  • Modal shift; Suttons is a major global user of road, rail, sea and barge freight services. In all markets, we regularly review with key customers, opportunities to switch traffic to an alternative transport mode which lowers the environmental impact consistent with meeting customer service objectives.

Contributing to our Communities

We aim to be a good neighbour and engage with the communities wherever our operations are based, meeting client demands for socially responsible partners.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability Responsible Care OHSAS18001