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Business Systems

Suttons Group maintains a fresh approach to each job and utilises a range of software and business systems to make sure that we carry out each task safely, efficiently and on time.

Fleet technology project

This approach also allows us to have full control over the location of our fleet so that we can keep our clients up to date with the progress of their goods. 

Transport Management System - Manpack

The team at Suttons Group use the Manpack system throughout every job and its key events. It is here where all jobs are created, planned and invoiced. Our transport management system allows us to work more efficiently thanks to its EDI. The EDI is essentially an interface between customer systems and our transport management system which enables jobs to be created automatically, with little to no human interaction.  

Telematics Technology - Microlise

Thanks to our telematics system we can track and trace any of our vehicles to see where they are or where they have been. The telematics system automatically updates our transport management system with key information such as arrival and departure times based on geofences plus ETA boards and notifications. On top of this, Suttons Group can review key driver performance reports based on safety and fuel efficiency. This allows us to plan further training for our tanker drivers. 

Find out more about microlise here.

Fleet Management System - Freeway 

With a fleet of over 500 tankers, it's no simple task to make sure that all of our equipment stays in tip-top condition. This is where Freeway comes in. Our fleet management system records vital data including service and maintenance schedules as well as garage hours recorded and parts ordered. Thanks to Freeway, we can stay on top of our fleet and our tankers receive regular maintenance all year round.