Euro Short Sea Team Leader/Supervisor

Deadline: April 30, 2024 - Full Time


The Euro Short Sea Team Leader/Supervisor is a first line management role within a critical area of the business.

This hands-on operational role is responsible for supervising all the customer service and operational aspects for the Sector or Flow in the Region. These covers;

•    Taking the customer’s order

•    Planning and organising of all the transport and shipment legs

•    Ensuing safety and legal compliance

•    Executing on the plan

​Throughout the process continually liaising with customers, approving the costs against the job with supply partners and billing the revenue to the customers.

​The role is part of the Regional Operations team and works closely with the Sales team, Finance & Admin teams, under the leadership of the Operations Manager. Together they are responsible for the regional profitability and operational execution elements of the business. This team works within a mutually reliant global regional network operating model.

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